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Our program of Recovery Coaching concentrates on balance and the first year of life-changing recovery work. Many men and women have succeeded in their recovery journey by working privately with a licensed counselor. If an individual has tried to stop using drugs or alcohol on their own and failed or tried inpatient treatment but was unsuccessful, there are other solutions. Some may have attended several weeks-long intensive outpatient programs to get help, then relapsed back into drinking or using.  If attempts to change, to stop drinking and using, to end the string of negative consequences through traditional treatments have been

unsuccessful, our one-on-one Recovery Coaching program may be the solution. Consistency in private session work and healthy recovery support can break the cycle of addiction relapse and bring peace, hope and happiness back to life.

Men and women struggling with substance abuse or addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs or "street drugs", very often need help to recover.  When self-attempts have failed or inpatient treatment was ineffective or is not a good option, a qualified hands-on recovery coaching professional can be the answer. Our experience spans over 26 years in the field of addiction recovery.  This out-patient coaching program has helped many people in their release from addiction and allowed them to rediscover life as it was meant to be.

We help clients find release, relief and renewal.  We begin with an understanding of our client, his or her specific life challenges and family needs, then provide solutions and work face-to-face with them at regularly scheduled sessions to achieve successful results.  Our services are as broad as necessary to reach the clients goals and are always based on experience and clinical wellness precepts. 

People who find themselves caught in the web of addiction often need coaching to guide them in regaining their freedom. 

Discovering the nature of an addiction problem has no effect on the recovery from it.  Actual recovery requires following an action plan.  If people suffering from substance abuse could recover on their own self-knowledge, they would have been able to stay clean and sober on their own. 


We provide practical personal guidance, individualized  solution-focused structure and meaningful accountability planning to elicit positive change.  We structure a plan that works for the individual and we understand that there is no one-size fits all solution. Our program includes family and relationship wellness coaching to support real recovery solutions for real lives on a day-to-day basis.

For many struggling people, expensive 30-day inpatient rehabs can be ineffective.  In many cases, especially in subsequent or multiple rehab visits, the time and cost results in nothing more than a physical detox period with a temporary escape from the reality of life. A "Real Recovery" is one that lasts and is therefore built on attainable and sustainable new reactions to life, a new set of choices and a new outlook on one's-self and one's life possibilities.


We may include spouses, families, significant others and even employers to unify recovery efforts.  For true healing and long-term recovery to develop, there must be a new state of hope, a new state of mind and a new state of process.  For some people, this kind of successful recovery work can be very difficult to obtain in "group therapy" settings.  Our clients have shared time and time again, that our one-on-one work with them was key to their success. 

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