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Our Work

 I believe that the effectiveness of the work we do together stems from the theory that each person's journey is unique.  I'm convinced that a "one size fits all" approach can leave people at great risk of relapse.  Many inpatient treatment programs don't go far enough in addressing the specific needs of the client. 

 During the first phase of counseling, clients may begin with one, and as many as seven, one-on-one sessions per week during the first few weeks of their personally tailored counseling plan. 

No two addicted individuals have the same needs. For example, older adult women face different challenges in their addiction patterns than younger women or college students. Professionals, both male and female, present drinking and using patterns which may necessitate a different approach to a successful recovery plan than with blue-collar workers, or stay-at-home moms.

 The disease of addiction and the way it grips its victims and eventually takes them to depths they could never have imagined, is well-documented and the stories are eerily similar, but... people are individual, and their paths to recovery are as different and individual as they are.

 Consequences of alcoholism and drug addiction are real and must be addressed.  Guilt and shame experienced by the addict does play a role in relapse. I believe that long-term recovery comes from a holistic wellness that cannot be achieved without full consideration of all aspects of of the addicted persons life and those closest to him or her.

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