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At Transformations Counseling, we offer Substance Abuse Counseling and counseling for issues related to substance use. Substance Use Disorder is a complex disease, caused by a number of contributing factors. It does not come about solely from drinking too much for too long or taking too many drugs for too long. There are underlying causes which can be pre-existing, and other contributing causes which lead to or develop as a result of substance abuse. Counseling can help identify patterns, reveal causes and help the individual who has been abusing substances understand the “why” part of their illness from an educated and informed perspective. Most substance abusers are seeking relief from some type of emotional or physical pain. Working with a trained and licensed counselor can help the suffering person as well as their loved-ones, develop coping skills and solutions based upon the issues identified through counseling. Many people relapse if they, for whatever reason, fail to address the underlying causes of their substance abuse. These causes can be triggered even after a prolonged period of abstinence.


At Transformations Counseling, we believe counseling can derive amazing results for the person who suffers from substance use disorder.  When combined with abstinence, willingness to change, and accountability, counseling offers reliable tools for long-term recovery.

We will be happy to provide individual counseling sessions based upon your unique and personal needs.